COMPANION’S RESTING PLACE LLC is a pet cemetery and cremation service for the greater Florence, SC community. The idea came about in the mid 1990’s, when a customer became so adamant about her pet being buried with her, that she moved to a different cemetery. Since that time, the need for a pet cemetery in the Florence area has grown exponentially. In June of 2009 the thoughts and plans were fulfilled. Companion’s Resting Place offers full casketed burials or cremation services and subsequent burial. We offer a beautiful and high quality array of caskets for your pet, in many different sizes. Cremation urns are, currently, ordered upon request. A removal service is also available.

Companion’s Resting Place does require all burials to be in approved containers. We do offer the burial merchandise for sale to be used in your own burial area, as well.


  • Grave spaces are priced from $75 – $150 based on the size of need
  • Pet Caskets range from $85 – $500 mostly based on the size of need
  • Cremation Urns begin as low as $49.95
  • Cremation Services are from $75 (no remains returned) – $350 (remains returned in decorative container) based on the size of the pet and the preferences of the owner
  • Removal fees begin at $35 and are based on the circumstances
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