CHOOSING A MEMORIAL is an important and lasting decision. You will want to find a design that reflects your family member’s unique personality and will stand the test of time. To this end, the bronze memorial offers unique benefits that make it ideal to commemorate your loved one.

    Bronze memorials are cast according to your specific design. Floral designs and emblems serve to make a design unique to your loved one. Cameo pictures or cast pictures may also be added for lasting memories.
    Bronze has an understated beauty all its own. The text is often raised on bronze plates, making markers easier to read. Because it has been used for statues, monuments, and grave markers for centuries, bronze also projects an air of timeless elegance.
    Bronze memorials feature a protective clear coating that prevents oxidation and inhibits plant growth. When the coating wears off a rich patina develops that protects the bronze from further deterioration. Many people like the green color, but you can easily prevent the loss of coating by keeping the bronze clean. This requires simply wiping the surface with distilled water and a clean cloth.
    Thanks to its strength, bronze develops protection against wind, water, sunlight, and other environmental factors as it ages. This means markers made of this material will serve to keep family connected for generations.

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